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Business Solutions

OfficeMax is more than just an office supply company. In fact, we also offer a wide range of services to help you present your business professionally.

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Your Price: $ 48.99

Adams Construction Pro Software Kit

PowerEstimator: Construction Pro Estimating Software.

Your Price: $ 19.99

Regus Home Worker - U.S. Business Address

Designed for business owners based at home who want to project a more professional business image.

Your Price: $ 38.49

Adams PowerEstimator: Construction Pro Estimating Software, CD Version

PowerEstimator: Construction Pro Estimating Software CD Version.

Your Price: $ 19.99

Regus Mobile Worker - Meeting Room

Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 5.0

Designed for anyone who travels regularly, either employed or self employed and has the need for professional meeting space.

Your Price: $ 37.99

Adams PowerEstimator: Paint Estimating Software, CD Version

PowerEstimator: Paint Estimating Software CD Version.

Your Price: $ 19.99

Regus Sole Proprietor - Fully Equipped Office Space

Designed for people setting up a business on their own, perhaps from home, who require a professional, private office space to work from.

Your Price: $ 19.99

Regus General Contractor - Professional Receptionist

Designed for plumbers, builders or electricians who require a professional receptionist to answer their calls, leaving them to focus on the job in hand.

Your Price: $ 39.99

Regus Business Start Up - National Virtual Office with Professional Receptionist

Designed to give every business the best possible start and help enter new markets nationally without the huge set-up costs.

Your Price: $ 39.99

Regus Business Expansion - International Virtual Office

Designed to help a business quickly enter a new market anywhere in the world, without the cost of an actual office location.

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