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Perform, compete, and communicate better onscreen with a gaming headset from OfficeMax. Our headsets were finely tuned to meet the specific needs of gamers. The premium Show

Perform, compete, and communicate better onscreen with a gaming headset from OfficeMax. Our headsets were finely tuned to meet the specific needs of gamers. The premium sound quality of video game headsets block out distracting noise while delivering crisp and clear sound. This gadget helps you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual gaming universe before you. We carry models with built in microphones so you can clearly exchange battle words with your opponents. A headset is the gaming component you need to bring your onscreen battle to life. Our offerings let you to control your audio and voice volume independently to create customized sound settings. Video game headsets will help your on-screen strategy immensely. Hone in on the importance of gaming audio and incorporate video game headsets from OfficeMax into your gaming repertoire.  Hide

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Your Price: $ 59.99

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Universal Gaming Headset

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.5 4.5

The Ear Force X12 is the definitive headset for gamers seeking amazing game sound, crystal-clear communication and enhanced comfort, all at an unmatched value.

Your Price: $ 51.99

Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Gaming Headset for PS3

Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 5.0

The Ear Force P11 integrates premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and PC/Mac to create an immersive audio environment for playing popular game titles.

Your Price: $ 154.99

SteelSeries 7H PC Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries headset features 50mm drivers with a remarkably wide frequency response that delivers rich and detailed audio reproduction. The headset delivers a clean and clear soundscape from mood setting music to critical 3D positional sounds and alerts.

Your Price: $ 58.99

Turtle Beach TBS-3005-01 Video Game Accessories PLa Gaming Headset for PS3

The Ear Force PLa is the ideal headset for PlayStation 3 gamers seeking a more immersive experience without breaking the bank.

Your Price: $ 119.99

Sony Elite Wireless PS3 Gaming Headset

Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 5.0

Feel the sound with 7.1 virtual surround sound and BassImpact triggered pulses, delivering an unprecedented level of immersion while sharpening your perception on the battlefield. Detect the footfalls of approaching enemies before you see them, or experience the jolt of every fiery explosion. The hidden noise-cancelling microphone keeps you in crystal-clear contact with your teammates. Quick access controls and preset modes are optimized for gamers. Additionally, connect with your PS Vita or your mobile device on-the-go

Your Price: $ 132.99

SteelSeries Diablo III Headset

Featuring 50mm driver units that reproduce crystal clear sounds in high, low, and mid-range tones is at the core of what is creating an incredible Diablo III audio experience. Whether it is the ominously toned soundtrack, the approaching hiss of a Witch Doctors firebomb or the bloody rage of a Barbarian whirlwind, users will clearly hear the gut wrenching hurls and exploding innards of your enemies.

Your Price: $ 49.99

Turtle Beach TBS-5200-02 Video Game Accessories Ear Force M5 Mobile Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach, the world-leader in gaming audio, brings you the M5 mobile gaming headset. The M5 stereo headset features large, full-range audio drivers and comfortable, noise-isolating ear cups specifically engineered for mobile gaming whether you play at home or on the go.

Your Price: $ 49.99

Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres-400 Gaming Headset with Volume Control and Microphone

The Ceres-400 delivers professional-grade acoustics in a rugged yet comfortable and lightweight frame, making it the best choice for performance and value. Large 40mm drivers sit behind the booming power of the Ceres-400, bringing your audio to life.

Your Price: $ 106.99

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3 Universal Gaming Headset

The Ear Force PX3 headset lets you dominate your competition with digital signal processing, wireless game sound, crystal-clear communication and the convenience of a rechargeable battery. Featuring a lightweight, circumaural ear cup design with massive 50mm speakers, the PX3 delivers exceptional audio quality and maximum comfort.

Your Price: $ 69.99

Tritton TRI881040002/02/1 Video Game Accessories Kunai Stereo Headset for PS3/PS Vita

TRITTON's Kunai Stereo Headset delivers a comfortable, high-quality stereo experience for home console and handheld gaming. The Kunai outputs game and chat audio through a pair of precision-tuned, amplified 40mm speakers employing Neodymium magnets.

Your Price: $ 39.99

Koss SB40 Gaming Headset

With a dynamic element that delivers premium sound at all volume levels, Koss SB40 Full Size Communication Headsets are ideal for gamers who crave deep, sound bass. Equipped with a noise cancelling microphone that eliminates excessive background noise for greater ease of use, it?s one headset every gamer should have in his arsenal.

Your Price: $ 99.99

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset

Based on the award-winning SteelSeries Siberia Full-size Headset, the v2 features major enhancements in sound quality, comfort and its microphone. Every element of the v2 has been optimized for pro gaming, making the headset a preferred piece of equipment for the worlds' best competitive PC gamers - the most demanding headset users in the world. Sporting 25% larger 50mm driver units, the SteelSeries Siberia Full-size Headset dramatically boosts overall acoustic performance.

Your Price: $ 39.99

Turtle Beach Ear Force XL1 Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

The Turtle Beach XL1 XBOX 360 headset is the perfect entry-level headset for gamers looking for immersive game sound and crystal-clear communication at a great value. With premium 50mm speakers and oversized circumaural ear cups, the Turtle Beach XL1 delivers superior audio quality and extreme comfort.

Your Price: $ 39.99

Genius GX Gaming HS-G550 Lychas Foldable Gaming Headset

GX gaming proudly presents a professional foldable gaming headset, Lychas. This headset has swivel ear cups and a foldable design which lets players join any LAN party or game contest. In addition, its sound performance will also blow a player's mind.

Your Price: $ 149.99

SteelSeries 7H USB PC Gaming Headset

Features 50mm drivers with a remarkably wide frequency response that delivers rich and detailed audio reproduction, 7.1 virtual surround sound. USB soundcard provides preset optimized profiles for both gaming and music genres.

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